Coaxial Cable RG-6 Type

สายโคแอกเชียลชนิด RG6 เหมาะสำหรับโครงข่าย CATV/MATV, Broadband, HDTV และ Satellite Broadcasting ซึ่งสายโคแอกเชียล RG6 เหมาะสำหรับนำมาใช้ในรูปแบบของ Branch Cable

Applications :
RG 6 drop cable suitable for CATV/MATV, Broadband, HDTV and Satellite Broadcasting Transmission use. RG 6 can be used as a branch cable.



75 Ohm PE Series

Standard Construction :
18 AWG [1.02 mm (0.040 in.)] copper covered steel center conductor, gas expanded polyethylene dielectric, inner shield aluminum-polypropylene-aluminum laminated tape with overlap bonded to dielectric, outer shield of 34 AWG (0.16 mm) bare aluminum braid wire, jacket of black PVC (LSZH optional). Nominal outside diameter is 6.91 mm. (0.272 in.). Messenger Breaking Strength (Min) is 82 kgf.

Physical Dimensions :

Nominal Center Conductor Diameter1.020.0401.020.0401.020.040
Nominal Diameter Over Dielectric4.570.1804.570.1804.570.180
Nominal Diameter Over First Shield (Tape)4.750.1874.750.1874.750.187
Nominal Diameter Over Jacket6.910.2727.060.2787.620.300
Nominal Jacket Wall Thickness0.760.0300.760.0300.860.034
Nominal Diameter of Steel Messenger1.300.0511.300.0511.300.051