Coaxial Cable 3C-2V

เป็นสายโคแอกเชียลชนิด 3C-2V

Applications :
Interior lines for monitoring system, CCTV feeder lines, Wiring between the camera with control unit and video signal transmission.



75 Ohm PE Series

Standard Construction :
Solid or stranded, Copper or copper covered steel conductor, PE insulation, Bare copper braid shield 95% coverage.

Physical Dimensions :

TypeConductorInsulationShieldJacketNom. Imp.Nom. Capa.
3C-2V1/0.53BC3.1PE95% BC Braid5.4PVC7567
3C-2V.S7/0.20BC3.1PE95% BC Braid5.4PVC7567
5C-2V1/0.80BC4.9PE95% BC Braid7.3PVC7567
5C-2V.S21/0.18BC4.9PE95% BC Braid7.3PVC7567
5C-2V.S-M21/0.18BC4.9PE95% BC Braid7.3 x 11.8PVC7567
7C-2V.S7/0.40BC7.3PE95% BC Braid10.4PVC7567
10C-2V.S7/0.53BC9.5PE95% BC Braid13.0PVC7567

Standard Attenuation @ 20°C (dB/km) :

1 MHz1315895.574.4
10 MHz43482731182216
30 MHz75844755323827
200 MHz2002301261509010576