ODF Indoor Floor Stand 45U

ตู้พักสายใยแก้วนำแสงแบบตั้งพื้น ( ODF Indoor ) สำหรับภายในอาคารขนาด 45U

Design : The ODF Indoor Rack Mount is suitable to install on floor or mount on wall.
Frame : Frame is made from Electro-Galvanized Steel Sheet with 1.5mm thickness.
Base : The Rack base is able to fix on the floor.
Roof : The roof has the plate with hole and rubber grommet for cable in-out and has the plate to lock the fiber optic cable.
Front Door : The front door has 2 hinge swing doors which each swing door has light brown or clear acrylic with 5mm thickness.
Fiber Storage : Inside the ODF Rack has the storage unit on right side which can roll the fiber optic cable before terminated fiber optic on ODF.
Product Quality : The rack is designed under standard of ETSI (ETS 300 119-2) and meet standard IP 20.
Color Option : Light Gray or Other.
Dimensions : 45U, Size 800x2200x320 mm. (P/N : R-803245)