Battery Nickel Cadmium


Nickel Cadmium cells using sintered plate/pocket plate technology have been used successfully in industrial battery applications for long years. With a design life of more than 20 years, they have proved to be a very reliable DC power source in float service or cyclic application in harsh conditions with temperature up to 60°C


Battery ModelDischarge PerformancePlate Type UltraApplication
GNC SeriesUltra High Discharge RateSintered PlateAGV, gas turbine generation, engine starting, operating/control of computer systems, transportation networks, airport, etc.
GNG SeriesHigh Discharge RatePocket PlateEngine starting, UPS (up to 30 minutes), operation and control of DC motor, water treatment plants, etc.
GNZ SeriesMedium Discharge RatePocket PlateUPS (over 30 minutes), railway DC power sources, auxiliary power sources for power stations, chemical plants, oil refineries, iron works, etc.
GN SeriesLow Discharge RatePocket PlateEmergency lighting, telecommunications, operation of communication equipment on a ship lighting, air conditioner control on a train, etc.



Features :
– Excellent high rate discharge performance
– 20+ years long service life
– Wide operating temperature range
– Lowest self-discharge
– Resistance to mechanical and electrical abuse
– Absolute reliability

Specifications :
– Container : Translucent plastic or steel
– Terminal Seal : Compressed O-Ring
– Internal Connectors : Plated Copper Bar
– Plates : Sintered/Pocket plates
– Electrolyte : Potassium Hydroxide 1.19~1.2kg/l


Float Voltage :
– GNC Type : 1.38~1.40 VPC
– GNC/GNZ Type : 1.42~1.45 VPC
– GN Type : 1.48~1.50 VPC

Boost/Equalize Charge :
– GNC Type : 1.46~1.48 VPC
– GNC/GNZ/GN Type : 1.55~1.60 VPC
– Temperature Range : -20°C to +60°C