Self-Locking Cover

P/N Definition:

  • e.g. PJ-RCVR100-1000, PJ means accessories of wire mesh cable tray;
    RCVR means self-locking cover; 100 means 100mm high
    1000 means 1000mm long per piece

Instruction manuals:

  • Suitable for: Cover for wire mesh cable tray
  • Fit for: Wire diameter from 3.5mm to 6.0mm, covering all sizes
    of cable trays
Part Numbers Height Width Length Weight
ALL PJ-RCVR100-1000 8.5 100 1m 1.12kg
ALL PJ-RCVR150-1000 8.5 150 1m 1.52kg
ALL PJ-RCVR200-1000 8.5 200 1m 1.91kg
ALL PJ-RCVR300-1000 8.5 300 1m 2.69kg
ALL PJ-RCVR400-1000 8.5 400 1m 3.48kg
ALL PJ-RCVR450-1000 8.5 450 1m 3.87kg
ALL PJ-RCVR500-1000 8.5 500 1m 4.26kg
ALL PJ-RCVR600-1000 8.5 600 1m 5.05kg