Converter System CXPS 24 -> 48-i & CXPS 48 -> 24-i

อุปกรณ์แปลงกระแสไฟตรงจาก 48 Vdc เป็น 24 Vdc หรือ 24 Vdc เป็น 48 Vdc

DC-DC Converter System

Features :
– Integrated 8kW capacity converter system with front access distribution
– Support for small to medium 48Vdc loads from a legacy 24V power system or 24Vdc loads from 48V power system
– Integrated Cordex CXCI for advanced local and remote monitoring and control
– Internal low voltage shutdown for cost effective integration into existing systems
– Universal 19″/23″ mounting for flexible installation options into existing racks