Outdoor UPS System Micro 300

อุปกรณ์สำรองไฟฟ้าพร้อมตู้ สำหรับติดตั้งภายนอกอาคาร รุ่น Micro 300 ขนาด 300 วัตต์

– Integrated backup power system designed to operate in extreme environments and provide maximum flexibility while ensuring critical loads remain up and running during power outages
– 300W/VA total output in AC and/or DC including 120Vac, 24Vac, 48Vdc, 24Vdc and 12Vdc enables application with diverse load requirements
– Temperature compensated battery charging provides longer battery life
– Wide range of input with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) extends battery life by not reverting to batteries during periods of surge or sag in utility power voltage
– External communication via USB port and Ethernet SNMP interface provides local or remote monitoring and control UPS and Enclosure Micro 300