Connector BNC Male Solder Type

หัวต่อ Connector แบบ BNC ตัวผู้ชนิด Solder Type สามารถใช้กับสายโคแอกเชียลชนิด RG179, 2.5C-2V และสายไมโครโคแอกเชียลได้

Series BNC are boyonet – coupling popular coaxial connectors. Which have the excellent performances of rapid connect/disconnect, high reliability, are used to connect RF coaxial cables in electrical and electronic equipment and instruments. Connector BNC Male Solder Type can use for Cable Type RG179, 2.5C-2V and Micro coaxial cable.




Impedance50 Ohms75 Ohms
Frequency Range0 - 4 GHz0 - 2 GHz
Voltage Rating500 VRMS500 VRMS
Dielectric withstanding voltage1500 Volts1500 Volts
VSWR1.3 max. 0 - 4 GHz1.3 max. 0 - 2 GHz
Contact ResistanceCenter Contact :
3 milliohms ;
Outer Contact :
2 milliohms ;
Center Contact :
3 milliohms ;
Outer Contact :
2 milliohms ;



Center ContactBrassGold*
Metal PartsBrassNickel*
PBT polyester
Clamp GasketsSilicone rubberNone
Synthetic rubber
Crimp FerruleAnnealed CopperNickel*
*Silver plated body or contact is only available for special requirement
**Unless otherwise noted as Teflon